They're a Mysterious Place that exists between heaven and earth.

It's a place that blurs the lines between the beginning of one and the end Of the other. Not Land or sky or Up or Down, it's a midpoint and balance. It's the Axis Mundi. More importantly, It's a place that holds secrets that could forever change the lives of a small hard working family.

Axis Mundi or A.M is a film created by BrightSeed Collaborative in association with Paradigm Grey. It's but one small example of what collaboration can accomplish.

As a labor of love and of trust,

Several of our talented members have contributed their time and energy to the fulfillment of this project, without whom, this film may not have been possible. As a member and partner of the Paradigm Grey project we'd like to extend special thanks to Chris Adams for providing us this opportunity to expand our horizons and stretch our imaginations.

Our film is one of four films in the Paradigm Grey collection of film shorts that traverse the subjects of Black Speculative Fiction, Horror and Sci-Fi.

Axis Mundi the third of a series of four films, imagines a young man coming of age in a not so familiar environment with results that would be hard for anyone to anticipate.

We are happy to announce that our film release is finally upon us. You can now experience the fruits of our labor at tubitv. Look for Paradigm Grey on tubitv

A young man coming of age , must choose between
following in the footsteps of his father or pursuing
a destiny  that's far greater than
he could have ever imagined.